Author Guidelines

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Authors are kindly requested to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Please supply your paper in docx or rtf format.
  2. The length of the paper should be up to 40,000 characters, spaces included.
  3. Please write your affiliation, email address and ORCID ID.
  4. An abstract (up to 10 lines) and keywords (5–7) should be included.
  5. Illustrations should be sent in separate clearly marked JPG or TIFF files (resolution at least 300 dpi) and labelled with captions.
  6. In the case of tables that need to be placed in a particular section of the paper, please include these in a separate file.
  7. Adding bibliographical entries, please follow Latin alphabetical order and do not forget to write date and place of publishing as well as the name of publishers. In the case of an article and book chapter supply page numbers.
  8. For formatting and reference guidelines please refer to the CIS Template.

CIS Template

Name and Surname, email address (University, place, country), ORCID ID

                                           Title of an Article

SUMMARY: Text of the summary 8-10 lines in Arial Unicode MS font (size 11) with line spacing 1.
KEYWORDS: (eg.: Bhāmaha, Daṇḍin, alaṃkāraśāstra, Bhaṭṭi, mahākāvya)

Text of the paper in Arial Unicode MS font (size 12) line spacing 1, length up to
40 000 characters, spaces included. Short reference directly in the text in
brackets, e.g. (Veluthat 2009: 89). If reference is repeated immediately after, eg.:
ibid.: 92. All quotation longer than two lines and footnotes in font size 11.

(size 11) line spacing 1, all references in Latin alphabetical order.
Warder, A. K. 1974. Indian Kāvya Literature. Vol. II. Origin and formation of the Classical
              Kāvya.Delhi-Varanasi-Patna: Motilal Banarsidass.
Marková, D. 2007. The Motif of the Weather in Hindi Prose on Indians Abroad. In: Pandanus
Akshara, K. 2004. Yakshagana. In: A. Lal (ed.). The Oxford Companion to Indian Theatre.
               Oxford:Oxford University Press: 525-527.
Coomaraswamy, A. K. and D. Gopala Kristnayya. 1917. The Mirror of Gesture Being the Abhinaya
            Darpaṇa of Nandikeśvara. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
Pieruccini, C. and P. M. Rossi (eds). 2016. A World of Nourishment. Reflections on Food in Indian
            Culture. Milano: Ledizioni.
In the case of more than 2 authors:
Bignami C., et al. 2016. Introduction. In: Cracow Indological Studies, 18: vii–xv.

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