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The journal "Lehahayer" (in Armenian it means Polish Armenians) owes its name to the inspiration of prof. Wartan Grigorian from Matenadaran, an outstanding expert on the history of the Armenian diaspora in Poland, who noticed during our meeting in Yerevan in 2009 how old this term is and deeply rooted in the traditions of the Armenian language and culture.

The journal is scholarly, peer-reviewed annual. It aims to intensify research on the culture and history of the Polish Armenians and bring these issues back to the scientific consciousness. This choice of title is not accidental. As a result of the change of borders after the Second World War, the actual cultural dimensions of the Polish Armenians were blurred. They fell into a political inheritance in Ukraine, and many of those who write about their history from the 14th to the 20th century are not aware of the real dimensions, the real identity of this political, social, economic and cultural space, in which they existed and worked.

When taking the initiative to publish a periodical devoted to the history of Polish Armenians, we were guided by the conviction that this interesting and important issue should be more present in the Polish and world humanities than before. Polish Armenians are a community of many centuries and although they were never numerous, they created a significant cultural heritage that functioned and is still vital in Polish culture. As a part of the Armenian diaspora, they once played an extremely important role in relation to their mother Armenian nation. Today, knowledge about them is much less present in Armenian memory than knowledge about the West European or North American diaspora. As a result of historical changes, the Polish homeland of Armenians has moved away from the horizon of the Armenian consciousness, and the magnificent monuments created in Lviv, Kamieniec Podolski, and Zamość have passed into the possession of other owners, scattered all over the world.

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