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Vol. 13/2012

Marek Czajkowski,  Iran's Ballistic Missile Arsenal and its Place in Security and Foreign Policy of Tehran
Anna Dziduszko-Rościszewska, Analyses of State Immigration Law on Chosen Examples
Michael Morys-Twarowski, "Gwiazdka Cieszyńska" and the Emigration from Cieszyn Silesia to the United States of America, 1851-1887
Paulina Napierała, The Strategy of the Religious Right: Christian Fiction or Political Agitation?
Maciej Różewicz, The Democratic Party in the 2010 Midterm Elections
Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka, 'Everyone is a snake shedding its skin'? Identity re/(de)formation in Kathleen Winter's Annabel
Rafał Wordliczek, North Africa in the U.S Foreign Policy at the End of the 20th and the Beginning of the 21st Century: Challenges and Expectations
Wojciech Ziętara, Think Tanks as a Complementary Element of the American Political System

Vol. 12/2011

Tunde Adeleke, American Studies in Europe and the Challenges of a Globalizing Black World
Anna Bartnik, The Bracero Program: An Idea of Bilateral Help?
Karol Derwich, American Exceptionalism in U.S. Latin American Policy at the Turn of 19th and 20th Century
Anna Dziduszko-Rościszewska, Tomasz Rościszewski, United States after Midterm Elections: New (?) Political Scene
Marcin Fatalski, U.S. Diplomacy and the Brazilian Coup d?état of 1964
Marcin Grabowski, China and the U.S. in Africa: Conflict or Collaboration?
Zinovia Lialiouti, The Concept of Anti-Americanism and Obama's Presidential Campaign
Dariusz M. Stolicki, Is the President of the United States Permitted to Disregard Unconstitutional Statutes?
Jolanta Szymkowska-Bartyzel, TV Talk Show as a Form of Contemporary (Pseudo) Public Sphere
Rafał Wordliczek, The Silent War Between the Superpowers. Foreign Policy of the United States and the Soviet Union in the Mediterranean at the 1980s
Marta Wójtowicz-Wcisło, The Constitutional Changes in Church-State Relations in Mexico from the Middle of the 19th Century

Vol. 11/2010

Łukasz Albański, "Small Town Canada with a Little Muslim Twist": Forming a Mental Image of Islam
Marcin Grabowski, The Asia-Pacific Community: Conditions, Feasibility and the Role of the U.S.
Agnieszka Krukowska, Deadly Exception: The Death Penalty in the United States of America
Paweł Laidler, Friends of The Court or Friends of Their Own Interests: Amicus Curiae as a Lobbying Tool of Groups of Interest in the U.S. Supreme Court's Decision-Making Process
Aleksandra Niemczyńska, Philosophy of 'The Great Wall' in the Socio-Cultural Context: American versus Chinese People with Regard to the Individual and the Community
Grzegorz Nycz, Questioning the Neoliberal Paradigm: a Critique of the Washington Consensus in Historical Perspective
Magdalena Paluszkiewicz-Misiaczek, Colonization and Decolonization of Inuit Population in Canada
Marta Rzepecka, The Rhetoric of Peace During the Cold War
Alina Trzcińska, 'Freedom for the Ramstein 2!': Black Panthers, German Students and the Significance of Transnational Protest Culture in West Germany 1970-1972
Maciej Turek, Between the Branches: Where Does the Vice Presidency Belong?
Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka, 'We and thee. . .us and them': Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley as a Postmodern Parable of Difference
Sérgio Veloso, Defining Modernism

Vol. 10/2009

Konrad Błażejowski, The Phenomenon of 'Japan Bashing' in US-Japanese Relations 
Karol Derwich, The US and the New Regionalism in the Western Hemisphere
Mateusz Filary, Peace Studies in the U.S.: Peace Through Knowledge?
Piotr Józefczyk, Having the American Dream Separately
Rafał Kuś, Jim Lehrer and The Newshour
Magdalena Modrzejewska, The Need of State? American Anarcho-Capitalism
Agata Prokop, The Economic Consequences of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack in the USA
Radosław Rybkowski, The Autonomy of American Colleges
Maciej Turek, 2008 Presidential Primaries in the United States from the Pennsylvania Perspective
Małgorzata Zachara, Balancing the National Interests: U.S. Arms Export Policy

Vol. 9/2008

Tunde Adeleke, Multicultural Pedagogy, Race and Black American Education
Wioletta Danilewicz, Małgorzata Dziekońska, One Dream, Two Emigrations: Young Polish Immigrants in the USA and England and the Realization of their American Dream
Alicja Froń, Bridging the Distance: the Autodriven Portraits of two Small Communities by Young People. Remarks on Visual Methods and Techniques
Marcin Gabryś, From the Northwest Passage to the Canadian Inland Waters: Political History of the Canadian Arctic Waters
Michał Gałan, The Picture of the Situation in Afghanistan at the End of George W. Bush's Presidency in American Leading Press
Magdalena Paluszkiewicz-Misiaczek, Dionne Quintuplets: Unsuccessful Experiment of a Noble Society
Kamila Trochowska, Native American Heritage in Action: Traditional Lakota Rituals Nowadays
Magdalena Trzcionka, U.S. Economic Sanctions against China as a Reaction to Human Rights Abuses During the Tiananmen Crisis
Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka, 'Shadows Catch Up': Official and Private Histories in The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Vol. 8/2007

Anna Citkowska-Kimla, Thinking as an Antidote to Evil: Reflections on the Ideas of Hannah Arendt
Aleksandra Giera, Fortune and Success: U.S. Policy Towards Guatemala in the Years 1944-1954
Carmen Gómez-Galisteo, Remember Your Puritan Past: The Haunted House in Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark
Anna E. Jastrzębiec-Witowska, How American Agriculture Can Be Civic
Ron Judy, 'In the Slow, Bleeding Month of October': Homesickness and the 'Abject' in Cormac McCarthy's The Orchard Keeper
Grzegorz Nycz, The Evolution of Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy Agenda - From the Cold War to the New Millennium: Selected Issues
Paweł Trefler, The Chilean Armed Forces During the Democratic Transformation
Rafał Wordliczek, The Mediterranean Sea Area and American Foreign Policy in the War against Terrorism

Vol. 7/2006

Anna Bartnik, Awakening the Sleeping Giant: a Short History of Hispanics Organizations in California and Texas
Justyna Budzik, Polish Literary Voices in Canada
Dagmara Drewniak, Liberating Oneself from the Burden of Ethnicity: Janice Kulyk Keefer?s Attempt at Defining the Psychological Condition of an Immigrant
Anna Kaiser-Lechowicz, Victory has His Face: America and Churchill's Legend
Łukasz Kamieński, The Skybolt Crisis and Anglo-American Special Relationship
Anna Renz, (Re)Negotiation of Identity in Hiromi Goto's Chorus of Mushrooms: Blurring Boundaries and Co-creating the Story
Anna Wąsiatycz, Characteristic Features of American English
Kinga Witek, Negro Units of the Federal Theatre Project: a Milestone in the History of African American Theatre
Rafał Wordliczek, American Policy Toward Political Changes in Italy at the Beginning of the 1950's
Jakub Wójcik, Chaos in the Wigwam: Postcolonial Theory and the Amerindian in the Literatures of English-Speaking Canada and Quebec
Iwona Wrońska, Toward a Wider Multiculturalism: Changes in the Canadian Multiethnic Society

Vol. 6/2005


Patrycja Prostak, The Eighth Amendment and The Concept of Human Dignity
Paweł Laidler, From No Protection to High Protection: The Supreme Court on Commercial Speech (1942-1976)
Rafał Prostak, The Separation of Church and State in the United States: Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments Controversy
Radosław Rybkowski, After Affirmative Action

History and Politics

Marcin Fatalski, U.S. Intervention in Iran (1951-1953)
Marcin Grabowski, The Main Dimensions of Sino-American Relations 1989-2001
Tomasz Górnikowski, Examples of Stock Market Crimes in the United States
Kinga Guzik, An Explosive Decade: Attitudes of Young People towards the Events of the 1960s in the United States
Dariusz Kozerawski, Polish-American Military Co-operation in Peace Support Operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1996-1999)
Tomasz Płudowski, The Development of American Mass Communication Research
Michał Steckiw, Canada and the European Union in a Comparative Perspective: What Brings Them Closer Together in the Face of Relations with the United States?

Culture and Society

Anna Citkowska-Kimla, Historical and Ideological Heritage in the Thought of Ayn Rand
Leszek Drong, The Siren Songs of Rhetoric: On the Rhetorical in Stanley Fish's Critical Performance
Katarzyna Hauzer, McCarthy and the Press

Vol. 5/2004


Robert Kłosowicz, The Peace Treaty of Ghent and the Hartford Convention
Wojciech Michnik, Bush's Brand New Doctrine: Shaping the United States Foreign Policy After September 11, 2001
Katarzyna Trebus-Galiński, The Impact of the United Sates? Foreign Policy on Judicial Decisions: The Application of the 'Act of State Doctrine'
Magdalena Modrzejewska, Fighting against Terrorism? American Foreign Policy towards Sudan in the Last Decade
Krzysztof Legutko, U.S. Direct Investment Abroad (The Polish Paradigm)

History and Politics

Piotr Kimla, Realism in the Reaction to Idealism: Aron's Criticism of H. J. Morgenthau's Standpoint
Paweł Laidler, The Attorney General of the United States: The History of the Office From the Very Beginning to 1870
Tomasz Płudowski, Television Political Advertising Research in the U.S.
Tomasz Karpiel, Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Michał Steckiw, Canada's Approaches to the European Union: Perspectives of Further Canada-EU Trade Liberalization
Tomasz Soroka, The Image of Canada in Poland edited by Mirosława Buchholtz. A Book Review

Culture and Society

Agnieszka Chochorowska-Maślanka, Barbara Ostafińska, Americanization of Social Life in Poland
Joanna Trzaska-Wieczorek, Total Quality Management Theory Versus Human Resources Management in the USA Public Administration
Anna G. Piotrowska, Charles Ives's Aesthetic Views on Music
Katarzyna Hauzer, Communication Patterns in Joseph Heller's Kissinger Novel

Vol. 4/2003


Jolanta Szymkowska-Bartyzel, How Do We Perceive It? Examining Polish Perceptions of Canadian Identity
Marcin Gabryś, American Key to Canada
Radosław Rybkowski, NAFTA and National Identity
Robert Kłosowicz, The Military Situation in the Canadian Provinces Before the Outbreak of the American-British War of 1812-1814
Anna Branach-Kallas, Invasion of Land, Erasure of Self: American Colonization in Some Canadian Novels

History and Politics

Sylwia Klusek, Introduction to the Canadian Transformation of the Federal System
Sylwia Orzeł, American Policy Toward Turkey's 'Active Non-Belligerency' During World War II
Łukasz Wordliczek, Struggling for Presidential Prerogatives in Foreign Policy: The Curtiss-Wright Case
Rafał Prostak, Charles Taylor's Critique of Liberalism: Liberal Autonomy and Communitarian Heteronomy

Culture and Society

Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka, 'A Stranger in the World': The Quest for Identity in Carol Shield's 'The Stone Diaries'
Magdalena Tatarata, Peyote Visions and the Native American Church
Anna Bartnik, Gangs in the USA
Katarzyna Warcholik-Karpiel, Tomasz Karpiel, Directors and Officers? Fiduciary Duties to the Corporation in the United States

Vol. 3/2002


Małgorzata Kodura, Indian Contributions in Agriculture
Robert Kłosowicz, The United States Indian Policy in the Years 1783-1812
Agnieszka Chochorowska-Maślanka, Chronicle of Self-Determination
Alicja Froń, The Evolution of Pan-Indian Activism
Marta Dębska, The Hopi Daily Life
Bartosz Hlebowicz, Let's Become an Indian Tribe: Inventing the Past in the Modern Strategies of Ethnicity in the US
Anna Piotrowska, The Reception of Indian Music in the USA in the Early 20th Century

History and Politics

Rafał Wordliczek, The Beginning of the Jewish Exodus from Russia to the United States of America in 1881
Tadeusz Paleczny, A Comparative Study of Emigration to the United States from Ireland and Poland
Sylwia Orzeł, The New Dimension of American-Turkish Relations at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Łukasz Kamieński, How Revolutionary is the Revolution in Military Affairs?
Piotr Pawlikowski, American Military Companies and the United States Foreign Policy

Culture and Society

Agnieszka Dzięgiel, 'The Right to be Left Alone': The Development of the Concept of the Protection of Privacy in American Jurisdiction
Alicja K. Mól, Mediation as the Main Dispute Resolution Option
Joanna Mazur, Equal Employment Opportunities in American Legal System
Krzysztof Pniewski, The Apocalypse and the Perestroika in Tony Kushner's 'Angels in America'
Iwona Szydłowska, Good and Bad as Two Independent Forces on the Basis of 'Light in August' by William Faulkner
Bianka Zarzycka, Shackles of the Past. American South and the Confederate Flag

Vol. 2/2001


Barbara Rudzińska, The Campaign in Presidential Election
Rafał Prostak, Presidential Prerogatives in the Field of Foreign Policy: The Constitutional Perspective
Rafał Pieprzyk, America in the First Place
Robert Kłosowicz, James Madison and American Political Factions? Attitudes towards the War of 1812

History and Politics

Rafał Prostak, Deontology and the Kantian Perspective of A Theory of Justice by John Rawls
Mariusz Sobuś, A Short History of Federal Taxation in America
Małgorzata Martynuska, The 18th Century Involvements of Iroquois Indians with British and French Colonists

Culture and Society

Sabina Łyczakowska, Sylwia Ślifierz, Methods of Recruiting Employees in the USA
Sabina Leśniak, Formation of the American Environmental Law:  the Clean Air Act
Agnieszka Malska, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and His Vision of America Based on his Speech at Harvard University in 1978
Radosław Rybkowski, Entertainment or Enterprise? (Law and American Commercial Theatre)
Małgorzata E. Madej, The 'Player' in the 'Congress' Theater?

Vol. 1/2000


Joanna Sas-Topolnicka, Early American Feminism
Barbara Rudzińska, The Effect of the Feminist Movement on the Position of Woman in Contemporary American Society
Małgorzata E. Madej, The Image of  Woman in  American Gay Theatre
Jolanta Bartyzel,  Vamps, Straight Girls and Dumb Blonds: About Feminine Stereotypes in Hollywood Cinema
Anna Piotrowska, Soap Opera:  Something for Ladies

History and Politics

Robert Kłosowicz, Amateurs or Professionals? History of the American Army, 1783?1812
Łukasz Wordliczek, Politics or Tyranny? Reaction to the Vietnam War in the United States
Rafał Prostak, Evolution of Rawl's Conception of Justice in the Context of Sandelian Critique
Magdalena Paluszkiewicz-Misiaczek, Gender and Women Employment in Medical Professions in Canada at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Century

Culture and Society

Katarzyna Buczak-Sawczyńska, Science vs. Religion and Logos vs. Pathos: The Rhetoric of Scopes 'Monkey' Trial
Alicja Froń, Polish Indianist Movement: Myth and Reality
Edyta Ziomek, The Role of Performance Art in the Age of AIDS: Tim Miller's 'my queer body'
Agnieszka Chochorowska, Poems