Academic Journals of Księgarnia Akademicka Publishing

Academic Journals of Księgarnia Akademicka Publishing


Ad Americam

Ad Americam: Journal of American Studies is an open-access interdisciplinary journal edited once a year at Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. Ad Americam publishes double-blind peer-reviewed articles by scholars on North and Latin American history, politics, law, culture, sociology and comparative studies.

Archives of the History and Philosophy of Medicine

Archives of the History and Philosophy of Medicine is a peer-reviewed scientific journal founded in 1924 on the initiative of Professor Adam Wrzosek. Over the years, the journal has changed its name, editors-in-chief and layout, but still remains one of the few scientific specialized titles published periodically in the field of history and philosophy of medicine. From the very beginning, the journal has become the most important Polish scientific journal on these subjects.

Classica Cracoviensia

Classica Cracoviensia, the annual devoted to the studies of Greek and Roman antiquity, was established in 1995 as the initiative of the Director of the Institute of Classical Philology of the Jagiellonian University, Professor Stanisław Stabryła. Since 1996, the function of the scientific editor has been held by Professor Jerzy Styka. From the very beginning, Classica Cracoviensia has been planned as a forum for scientific cooperation between the Institute of Classical Philology of the Jagiellonian University and European university centers of studies on the classical Greek and Roman culture in its various forms – literature as well as politics, philosophy, religion, law, art and reception studies.

Cracow Indological Studies

Cracow Indological Studies (CIS) founded in 1995 by Marzenna Czerniak-Drożdżowicz, Iwona Milewska, Lidia Sudyka and Cezary Galewicz is an open-access periodical currently edited at the Department of Languages and Cultures of India and South Asia (Institute of Oriental Studies, Jagiellonian University, Cracow). The CIS volumes are published twice a year in English, covering various areas and contexts of South Asian studies ranging from purely literary issues to those present in texts in different Indian languages contributing to the history, philosophy, aesthetics, art and religion of the Indian Subcontinent, with the main focus on India.

Intercultural Relations

Relacje Międzykulturowe – Intercultural Relations (RMIR) is an open-access, semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal publishing articles in English and Polish. In spring each year, a volume is published in Polish, and in autumn, it is published in English. It serves as an interdisciplinary forum for academic scholars and professionals to present the latest theoretical and empirical advancements of various issues related to intercultural relations. The journal publishes, among others, papers on issues such as cultural studies, ethnic and minority-majority relations, migration and intercultural contact, intercultural psychology and pedagogy, globalization and integration processes, multicultural societies, and politics.

Krakowskie Pismo Kresowe

"Krakowskie Pismo Kresowe" is a scientific, peer-reviewed, annual historical journal devoted to the cultural richness of the eastern border of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The main goal of the journal is a modern, critical and interdisciplinary look at the history of this area, which in Polish literature and historiography was already called "Kresy" since the modern period.

Krzysztofory: Scientific Bulletin of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków

The journal is aimed at a specialist audience interested in the culture, art and history of Krakow, as well as a broad public with a passion for Cracovians and the history of the city.


The journal is scholarly, peer-reviewed annual. It aims to intensify research on the culture and history of the Polish Armenians and bring these issues back to the scientific consciousness. This choice of title is not accidental. As a result of the change of borders after the Second World War, the actual cultural dimensions of the Polish Armenians were blurred. They fell into a political inheritance in Ukraine, and many of those who write about their history from the 14th to the 20th century are not aware of the real dimensions, the real identity of this political, social, economic, and cultural space, in which they existed and worked.


LingVaria" is published since 2006 by the Faculty of the Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University, (2 issues per annum) and dedicated to linguists. The texts presented in this periodical concern mainly the studies on the modern Polish language, the history of the Polish language, its dialects, and from the sphere of social linguistics, teaching Polish as a foreign language, etymology and the history of linguistics. Additionally, the periodical presents essays on the subject of general and Slavic language studies.

Między Oryginałem a Przekładem

Między Oryginałem a Przekładem (Between Original and Translation) is an international scientific journal of Faculty of Philology at the Jagiellonian University (Kraków). It publishes research articles from all areas of Translation Studies in English, French and Polish. Following Thomson Reuters' categories, our articles are classified as: Cultural Studies, Film, Radio, Television, Humanities, Multidisciplinary, Language & Linguistics, Literary Theory & Criticism. The journal is published quarterly online. At the end of the year, all issues are published in printed versions. Since 2016 (No 31) full journal content has been available online in open access. The journal does not have article processing charges, editorial charges, or printing fees.


Politeja is published by the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University, where a circle has formed of academics perfectly qualified for undertaking such reflection. It seems that it is in this particular unit of the Jagiellonian University that such reflection finds a forum perfectly equipped for an in-depth and solid analysis of phenomena of present-day relevance, both cultural and political, given that it has combined units existing for a long time with newly established ones, albeit in both cases comprising experienced researchers capable of looking at the same phenomena from various vantage points.

Rocznik Krakowski

Krakow Yearbook is a peer-reviewed academic journal published since 1898 by The Society of Friends of Kraków History and Heritage, dedicated to all aspects of the history of the city of Krakow, from its early medieval beginnings to the present day. The long history of the journal, although interrupted by world wars and other historical events, makes it one of the oldest periodicals in the discipline of urban studies in this part of Europe.

Rocznik Ruskiej Bursy

The "Ruska Bursa Annual" is a scholarly Lemko studies journal, mainly in the Lemko language. It has been published since 2005 by the Ruska Bursa Association in Gorlice, Poland. In the four main sections: Documents; Discussion; Inspiration; Reviews and Reports, there is a mix of history, literary studies, linguistics, cultural studies, political science, and other articles, about the Lemko homeland in general and the broader Carpathian Rus’. Œ The writing is of an international character, from the page publishing authors, known as Lemko and Carpatho-Rusyn studies specialists from Europe and North America, its readership, and above all, its Editorial Board.


The semi-annual "Sowiniec" is a scholarly periodical which focuses on the last two centuries of Polish history, in particular on the Polish struggle for independence. The Poles' many-year struggle for the reconstruction of the independent Polish State was marked by several national uprisings and enormous efforts during two world wars. The movement focused on „Solidarity”, which significantly contributed to the erosion of the communist system in Central and Eastern Europe, was also considered to be the last disaster. The title of the journal refers to the mound built in Krakow on the Sowiniec hill in the 1930s, in honor of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, the creator of the Polish State reborn in 1918.

Studies in Ancient Art and Civilisation

Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization were created in 1991 as an irregular series which in the first place served as a forum for the presentation of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology and studies provided by its researchers. The series was originated by Professor Joachim Śliwa, who was also its first Editor in Chief. In the years 2010–2014 this function was held by Professor Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka, and since 2015 it has been fulfilled by Professor Jarosław Bodzek. Since vol. 10 (2007) SAAC has become a regular yearly periodical owned and managed by the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology.

Studia Iberica (Studia Iberystyczne)

Studia Iberica (antes Studia Iberystyczne) es una revista científica revisada por pares cuyas temáticas son los aspectos culturales, lingüísticos y literarios de España, Portugal y los países de América Latina. Publica trabajos de investigación en y sobre las siguientes lenguas: español, portugués, catalán, gallego y las lenguas criollas sobre la base del español y del portugués.

Studia Historyczne

Studia Historyczne is a historical journal published four times a year. In 1958 a group of Kraków historians within the Polish Historical Society decided to publish a local scientific historical periodical. Thus a quarterly Małopolskie Studia Historyczne was called to life, which soon became a vivid platform of historical discussion, exchange of ideas and place of presentation of scholarly achievements mostly for historians from the Kraków, Rzeszów and Kielce regions.