About the Journal


Politeja was founded in 2004 as an academic journal edited at the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and published by Księgarnia Akademicka Ltd. Initially biannual, Politeja now issues six volumes a year in an open-access mode.

Politeja considers articles belonging to the field of broadly understood Political Science, International Relations, and Cultural Studies.

We invite academics as well as PhD students to submit scholarly articles and book reviews that are original, not published before and not at the same time reviewed by any other journal. The journal accepts contributions in Polish and English. The publication is free of charge. The journal does not have article processing charges, editorial charges, or any other fees.


Aims and Scope

Politeja covers contemporary political, cultural and social tendencies interpreted through multiple scholarly perspectives; political philosophy and history of political thought; international relations and intercultural relations; security studies. The journal aims to support cooperation between scholars from multiple academic disciplines in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Politeja presents the research of Polish and international scholars of all backgrounds working in Social Sciences and Humanities. The journal welcomes interdisciplinary research.

Apart from general issues covering multiple topics, Politeja publishes single-theme volumes. The special volumes covered, inter alia, regional conflicts (e.g. Russia-Ukraine), challenges facing continents (e.g. Africa), regions (e.g. Central Europe) and states (eg. Lithuania, Ukraine, Venezuela).


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Archiving and Repository Policy

The electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content is provided by the publisher. The journal content is also archived with the Jagiellonian Library (Kraków, Poland) as a long-term preservation service. It might be deposit in institutional repositories belonging to universities, including the Repository of Jagiellonian University, if only an agreement with the publisher has been signed.

The content of the journal is also stored in JSTOR.

In case of self-archiving please look at the Copyright & Licensing section.