Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The following are the standards of publication ethics for the author, the peer reviewers, the Editorial staff and the editorial board of the Politeja journal.

Duties and Rights of the Editorial Staff

The Editorial staff shall make every effort to ensure that the articles published in Politeja meet the criteria of honest and ethical academic research. The Editorial staff is responsible for the review process with a view to selecting texts fit for publication and formulating conclusions that would enable the authors to improve them where applicable.

The assessment of articles is carried out to ensure the high academic quality of the journal and to shape the scope of the journal in accordance with the goals set by the Editorial staff.

The Editorial staff must ensure that all correspondence with the authors and the reviewers remains confidential. The content of such correspondence shall not be disclosed to third parties.

In the event of detection of errors or other forms of negligence, the Editorial staff must take steps in order to ensure that a clarification or correction is published.

Duties of the Authors

Article submission is tantamount to a declaration on the part of the author that the submitted article is their original work which has not been previously published (whether in its entirety or in relevant parts) nor is it under consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting the article the author agrees to comply with the formal and technical requirements of the Politeja journal. The author must accurately acknowledge the use of the work of others by proper citation and providing a list of references.

In the case of collaborative authorship, the contribution of each author must be detailed by the submitting author. The contribution of people other than the authors may be acknowledged in a footnote.

The author must provide information on sources of financing other than the resources of the academic institution with which they are affiliated. The author should indicate if there is any conflict of interest bearing on the content of the article.

The author is entitled to information about the review process and the approximate date of publication of the article.

After receiving the reviews, the authors agree to revise and amend the text in accordance with the reviewers' recommendations. Upon failure to comply with the suggested revisions, the authors accept that the Editorial staff may reject a text in which the reviewers' recommendations have not been adopted.

Once the article is accepted for publication, the author must sign a publishing contract with the publisher of Politeja which regulates copyright issues. The editorial staff and the publisher comply with data protection regulations in accordance with the law.

Upon detecting substantial flaws in an article which has already been published, the author is obliged to submit a suitable correction.

Duties and Rights of the Reviewers

Reviewers agree to submit a fair and honest review. The review process is anonymous. The Editorial staff has the responsibility to remove from the article any content that might help the reviewers to identify the author. An agreement to write a review is tantamount to the reviewer's declaration that they have the necessary qualifications to write a competent review.

More details about the review process are to be found under the heading "Review procedure" on the journal website.

The Role of the Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is an advisory body which assists in the development of the journal and supports the Editorial staff in ensuring high academic standards.

Procedure in the Event of Malpractice Detection

Upon detecting any violation of the aforementioned standards of publication ethics, the Editorial staff will take appropriate remedial action. A conscious infringement of the standards of publication ethics on the part of the author results in cancellation of the review procedure and rejection of the text.