Nowe konteksty w polityce Polski, Czech i Litwy wobec Tajwanu w następstwie agresji Rosji na Ukrainę


  • Marcin Przychodniak Polish Institute of International Affairs



Taiwan, China, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, war, diplomacy



The article presents the actions of Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic towards Taiwan in the context of Russian aggression against Ukraine over the course of last year. Although each of these countries supports the subjectivity of Taiwan in the face of the political escalation of China’s activities, their reaction is varied, especially with regard to further relations with the People’s Republic of China. At the same time, each of the countries recognizes the importance of developing relations with Taiwan in the face of US policy, as well as the continued involvement in supporting Ukraine or strengthening NATO’s eastern flank. Therefore, no significant changes should be expected in these countries’ approach to Taiwan, although Lithuania and the Czech Republic will be among the strongest promoters of, for example, a greater involvement of the EU in relations with Taiwan.


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Author Biography

Marcin Przychodniak, Polish Institute of International Affairs

Analityk ds. Chin w programie Azja i Pacyfik. Zajmu-je się polityką zagraniczną i rozwojem sytuacji wewnętrznej w Chinach. Tytuł doktora nauk humanistycznych w zakresie nauk o polityce uzyskał w 2012 roku na Uniwersyte-cie Warszawskim. W latach 2012-2016 pracował jako dyplomata w Wydziale Politycznym Ambasady RP w Pekinie.


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