System wielopartyjny we współczesnej Rosji: etapy powstawania i rozwoju


  • Andriej Szutow Moskiewski Uniwersytet Państwowy im. M. Łomonosowa



multiparty system, political system, political history


Multiparty system in contemporary Russia: stages of formation and development

Multiparty system exists in Russia for a bit more than 20 years. Within different political science discussions, the questions of functioning of multiparty system, organization of the party structure, positioning of parties in the society and state, politico‑ideological identity of parties, creation of stable electoral base, cross‑party coalitions, formation of party elites as a factor of party systems’ sustainability, etc. were considered. Solving of these problems is impossible without learning of historical experience of multiparty system development in contemporary Russia. According to the analysis of party functioning, it is supposed to emphasize five stages of multiparty system development: „political pluralism” (end of 1980’s – beginning of 1990’s), „chaotic multiparty system” (beginning of 1990’s), attempt to form a multiparty system (1995-1999), and development of the „political party state” (2000-2010) and democratization of party construction (from 2011). Within these stages current questions of political system functioning were being solved, that allowed creating of large political parties with comparatively stable electoral base, significant organizational and financial resources. On the agenda of the last stage is a request for the empowerment of specific social groups, development of new party organizations and further perfection of Russian political system.


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Author Biography

Andriej Szutow, Moskiewski Uniwersytet Państwowy im. M. Łomonosowa

Doktor habilitowany nauk historycznych, profesor, dziekan Wydziału Politologii Moskiewskiego Uniwersytetu Państwowego im. M. Łomonosowa.


Političeskie partii v Rossijskoj Federacii. 2015 god, wyd. 4, Moskva 2015, s. 3.
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Rudinskij F. M., „Delo KPSS” v Konstitucionnom Sude: Zapiski učastnika processa, Moskva 1999.
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