About the Journal


The "Ruska Bursa Annual" is a scholarly Lemko studies journal, mainly in the Lemko language. It has been published since 2005 by the Ruska Bursa Association in Gorlice, Poland. In the four main sections: Documents; Discussion; Inspiration; Reviews and Reports, there is a mix of history, literary studies, linguistics, cultural studies, political science, and other articles, about the Lemko homeland in general and the broader Carpathian Rus’. Œ The writing is of an international character, from the page publishing authors, known as Lemko and Carpatho-Rusyn studies specialists from Europe and North America, its readership, and above all, its Editorial Board.

Aims and Scope

The "Ruska Bursa Annual" publishes articles presenting a critical approach to a wide range of themes related to Lemko studies. It focuses on the Lemko language, history, literature, and culture. We accept original research-based articles, editions of selected historical and literary sources, polemics as well as book reviews and other texts related to Lemko culture. We accept texts written in different languages including Lemko, Polish and English.

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Archiving and Repository Policy

The electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content is provided by the publisher. The journal content is also archived with the Jagiellonian Library (Kraków, Poland) as a long-term preservation service. It might be deposit in institutional repositories belonging to universities, including the Repository of Jagiellonian University, if only an agreement with the publisher has been signed.

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