Call for papers


The editorial board of the "Ruska Bursa Annual" journal welcomes submissions for the 20th issue of the yearbook in 2024.


The current state and nature of Lemko/Rusyn research

The 20th anniversary issue of the Lemko/Rusyn scholarly journal will be devoted to a multifaceted review of what, in the space of the above-mentioned research pertaining to broadly conceived Lemko/Rusyn issues, can be concluded from the perspective of more than two decades of the 21st century.

Since the publication in 1997 by the Eastern European Commission of the Polish Academy of Skills (PAS) of the collective publication Łemkowie i łemkoznawstwo w Polsce, Lemko studies have not been subjected to critical review and general reflection.

In 2021, at the meeting of the Eastern European Commission of PAS, a discussion panel was held with presentations of the achievements (or lack thereof) of Lemko/Rusyn studies in the 21st century. We came to the conclusion that it is necessary to present an up-to-date look at the state of development of various areas of research and the resulting publications, which have appeared over the last 24 years, not only on the Polish but also on the global publishing market. This view is to include not only publications, but also important events and activities in the field of Lemko/Rusyn studies.

We are sending an invitation to researchers who are interested in a critical presentation of the latest stage of development in Lemko/Rusyn research and want to enrich the 20th anniversary issue of "Ruska Bursa Annual" with their texts.

We leave researchers freedom and creativity in looking at the main theme of the proposed issue of the journal. We believe that the topic is inspiring, and its presentation can be multi-faceted, so it may be of interest to researchers from various disciplines of the humanities, including historians, ethnologists, sociologists, linguists, literary experts, cultural studies experts, art historians, political scientists, library scientists, and others.

First of all, we expect to receive texts from authors who presented their views on the state of Lemko research on February 22, 2021, as part of the Łemkoznawstwo w XXI w. Critical Reconnaissance Panel, with the participation of Dr. hab. Helena Duć-Fajfer, Dr. Bogdan Horbal, Dr. hab. Ewa Michna, Damian Nowak, Ph.D., and Dr. hab. Andrzej Zięba. The texts may develop and update topics that were presented in 2021, or present new perspectives on what is key and characteristic of today's Lemko/Rusyn studies.

We also invite other authors. The criteria of the proposed topic can be met by texts diverse in terms of methodology, problems, and areas, containing:

  • a presentation, reviewing research or publication achievements in the field of Lemko/Rusyn studies from the perspective of the discipline, field, or category of scientific research,
  • a critical analysis of a selected thematic or problematic aspect of Lemko/Rusyn studies,
  • a perspective of the development of Lemko/Rusyn studies in relation to a given group or category of the Rusyn community; the distinguishing element may be state borders, cultural, community, professional, gender, etc, distinctiveness, some ideological direction formulating boundaries and similar aspects,
  • a critical discussion of a cycle, series, collection, publishing project, etc, that relates to research and issues dedicated to the Lemko/Rusyn ethnic space,
  • a methodological perspective in presenting and assessing scientific activities and their effects,
  • a presentation of the community importance of the development of Lemko/Rusyn studies both for the Rusyn community itself and for the dominant communities, authorities, offices and other community, entities, and institutions,
  • comparative areas and perspectives of Lemko/Rusyn studies.


We expect articles discussing the topic presented in the title in various aspects: conducting comparative analyses and interpretations, opening the discussion, evidencing changes or stagnancy in certain attitudes and tendencies in the study and presentation of Lemko/Rusyn issues. We hope that this will be an interesting topic for many authors.

Please register your participation, providing the topic of the article and its short, planned table of contents, by May 31, 2022. Information about the decision to accept the text for publication after passing the review procedure will be sent to the authors by June 10. 2024. Please send ready-made articles in Lemko/Rusyn, Polish or English, prepared in accordance with the editorial standard of "Ruska Bursa Annual" ( to by August 31, 2024.

Editor-in-chief of "Ruska Bursa Annual"
Helena Duć-Fajfer

Editorial Secretary
Klaudia Nowak