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Author Guidelines

To submit your article, please send it to the Editorial’s e-mail address:, in form of an attachment. 


Times New Roman


  • title (centre) – 14 points in bold
  • authors full name (top right corner)  – 12 points
  • affiliation – 12 points
  • e-mail address – 12 points
  • running text – 12 points
  • quotations longer than 3 lines – 10 points
  • footnotes, bibliography, summary – 10 points 

Text Format:

MS Word, standard page, spacing 1,5.
The text limit is up to 40,000 characters for article.

Text structure:

Title – author’s full name – affiliation – e-mail address – summary – key words (5) – running text (with footnotes) – bibliography.


  • shorter quotations (up to 3 lines) of the original text (including single words): in double inverted commas;
  • quotations longer than 3 lines: without double inverted commas, indented 1,5 cm at both sides, 10 points.

Titles of works:

  • titles of separate publications (books, studies, novels, etc.) in italics, e.g. Historia de la lengua española;
  • titles of parts of publications (articles, chapters, etc.) in double inverted commas.

Lecture Notes and footnotes:

Lecture Notes:

  • lecture notes: (name, year: page), e.g. (Frazer, 2003: 349);
  • the names of subsequent authors should be separated by a comma. In the case of more than three authors, insert [et al.] after the name of the first author.


  • footnotes contain only commentaries or explanations to the main text and not bibliographical information;
  • each footnote ends with a point.


  • items in the bibliography are listed alphabetically;
  • the information includes: author’s family name, first names’ initials and “red.” or “eds.” if it is an edited book, year of publication, title, place of publication and name of editorial, e.g.

Books: single author:
LAPESA, R. (1980), Historia de la lengua española, Gredos, Madrid.
LANGACKER, R. W. (1990), Concept, image and symbol. The cognitive basis of grammar, Mouton De Gruyter, Berlin-New York.

Books: more than 1 author:
BOSQUE, I., DEMONTE, V. (eds.) (1999), Gramática Descriptiva de la Lengua Española, Espasa Calpe, Madrid.

Article in edited book:
GUENTHNER, F. (1977), “Remarks on the Present Perfect in English” in: Rohrer, C. (ed.), On the logical Analysis of Tense and Aspect, Gunter Narr Verlag, Tübingen, pp. 83-98.

Journal Article:
CREGO GARCÍA, M. V. (1993), “Espacio y deixis en los verbos de movimiento”, Analecta Malacitana, 16, Málaga, pp. 321-341.

Internet / Websites:
LÓPEZ VÁZQUEZ, A. R., “Álvaro Cunqueiro, o la teatralización del espacio”, [on-line] - 7.12.2016.


(up to 300 words) in the language of publication and in English (including the translation of the title).

The Editor reserves the right to edit articles as needed (in terms of length, grammar, etc.). 

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.