Successful Against All Odds? – Margaret Fuller: The Self-Made Woman in the Nineteenth Century




Margaret Fuller, self-made man, self-made woman, Benjamin Franklin, Transcendentalism, 19th century America, concept of success


Margaret Fuller was an American philosopher, writer, journalist and one of the first gender theorists. The article examines Fuller’s work and life in the context of 19th century American culture and social determinants influencing women’s lives. From a very early age, Fuller perceived her role in society different from the role designed for her as a biological girl by the cultural model of the times she lived in. The article focuses on Fuller’s achievements in the context of the self-made man/woman concept.

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Author Biography

Jolanta Szymkowska-Bartyzel, Jagiellonian University, Polska

PhD – is an Associate Professor of cultural studies at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora, Jagiellonian University. Her scholarly interests focus on history and reception of American popular culture in Poland. She is an author of books and articles on American popular culture, Americanization and mass media communications. Contact address: jolanta.szymkowskabartyzel@


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