Rozwój innowacyjności w Rosji w XXI w.: zadania i perspektywy


  • Jekatierina Kirsanowa Moskiewski Uniwersytet Państwowy im. M. Łomonosowa



innovations, innovation policy, innovative development, social and economic development, national interests


Innovative development of Russia in 21st century: tasks and perspectives

The article examines the features of innovative development of Russia in the XXI century. It identifies a number of factors that influence the braking of the innovation process. For the 90s of XX century the most important obstacles to innovation are, first of all, legal, technological and economic. Contemporary osbtalces are dominated by economic and technological factors. The author concludes that the issues that Russia faces today can be divided into two parts: the first set of problems is determined by the international situation, the second set is determined by trends of domestic development and is directly linked to the first one.


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Author Biography

Jekatierina Kirsanowa, Moskiewski Uniwersytet Państwowy im. M. Łomonosowa

Doktor nauk politycznych, asystent w Katedrze Polityki Rosyjskiej na Wydziale Politologii Moskiewskiego Uniwersytetu Państwowego im. M. Łomonosowa.


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