About the Journal


"Krakowskie Pismo Kresowe" is a scientific, annual, peer-reviewed historical journal devoted to the cultural richness of the eastern border of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The main goal of the journal is a modern, critical and interdisciplinary look at the history of this area, which in Polish literature and historiography was already called "Kresy" since the modern period. Due to the collapse of Poland, subsequent changes of its borders in the 20th century and the crystallization of new nations in the eastern territories of the former Polish-Lithuanian state, the concept of the Borderlands began to take on new meanings and arouse controversy, especially among representatives of national historiography that inhabited these areas, but also parts of Polish historiography, which wanted to cut itself off from the Jagiellonian heritage. As a result of this state of affairs, what was treated as common for several hundred years was separated in the light of new narratives, to the detriment of the extraordinary cultural heritage of the eastern border of the former Polish Republic and its heirs.

Kresy is an area of ​​interest for all types of research on intercultural relations, including inter-ethnic and inter-faith relations, which is also of great importance for understanding contemporary relations between the nationalities of Central and Eastern Europe. That is why the editorial team makes every effort to create a forum for the exchange of thoughts for both Polish and foreign researchers representing various scientific fields. Hence, the journal publishes not only Polish, but also Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian and Latvian authors, whose texts are translated into Polish.

Therefore, the editors of the journal want to restore Kresy's due interest in science, but not as sentiment or resentment. Due to its academic nature, the journal aims to transfer the Eastern Borderland discourse to the scientific level by publishing articles, critical editions of sources and polemical reviews of publications devoted to Kresy, including studies published abroad.

The journal is a yearbook published since 2009, published by the Ksiegarnia Akademicka Publishing in cooperation with the Institute of History of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Its primary version is the electronic version, but it also appears in the printed version. Scientific articles have abstracts in English and Ukrainian, Belarusian, or Lithuanian. The editors make effort to publish thematic issues. During the 15 years of the journal's existence, 15 volumes of the journal have been published, most of which are monographic and address various issues such as: Polish-Lithuanian relations, the history of Galicia, Kresy in the Russian context, the issue of family functioning on the cultural border, Armenians, women in Kresy or also the issue of peripherality in Kresy.

Aims and Scope

The "Krakowskie Pismo Kresowe" publishes articles on the broadly understood history and culture of the eastern border of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the so-called “Kresy Wschodnie”, from the Middle Ages to the present day. The idea of ​​the journal is a modern and interdisciplinary look at this part of the history of Central and Eastern Europe. We accept scientific articles in Polish and congress languages. Particularly interesting topics include:

  • history of the eastern territories of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the nationalities inhabiting them (especially Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Jews, Armenians and others),
  • issues of cultural borderland,
  • multicultural heritage of Kresy (monuments of literature, art),
  • memory studies in the context of Kresy,
  • reception of the Borderlands in culture (literature, art, political thought).

Besides the journal publishes editions of interesting historical sources related to this part of Central and Eastern Europe, polemics, review articles and reviews of current studies, as well as reports on important scientific and cultural events related to the subject of the journal.

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Archiving and Repository Policy

The electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content are provided by the publisher. The journal content is also archived with the Jagiellonian Library (Kraków, Poland) as a long-term preservation service. It might be deposit in institutional repositories belonging to universities, including the Repository of Jagiellonian University, if only an agreement with the publisher has been signed.

In the case of self-archiving please look at the Copyright & Licensing section.

Revenue Sources & Advertising

The journal is financed by the publisher's own funds and grants obtained from the Institute of History of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland) and the Polish Ministry of Education and Science. A small amount of funds is obtained from the sale of the paper version of the journal. No fees are charged to authors.
The journal does not provide for digital advertisements.