Hypersonic Weapons – Selected Political and Strategic Issues


  • Marek Czajkowski Jagiellonian University in Kraków




international security, strategic stability, Russia, China, United States, hypersonic weapons, ballistic missiles


This article aims to shed some light on the impact of the emergence of hypersonic weapons on strategic and political realities. Firstly, it briefly describes the underlying laws of physics and technologies related to hypersonics. Secondly, it investigates the strategic and political consequences of developing the new weapons systems. The general assumption is that already fielded hypersonic weapons systems, and those that will enter service in the foreseeable future will not significantly change the global strategic balance. It is because, to a great extent, disadvantages offset the advantages the technology may provide. On the other hand, the political significance of developing hypersonic military technology is much higher, as it is a source of prestige, particularly important from the Chinese and Russian points of view.


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Author Biography

Marek Czajkowski, Jagiellonian University in Kraków

Graduated from International Relations at Jagiellonian University. Professor at the Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations, Jagiellonian University. The main fields of scientific interest are International Security, Strategic Studies, and Space Security. Important books: Russian Security Policy in Europe, Missile Defence in International Relations, and Outer Space in the United States National Security Strategy.


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