Odmiana imion i nazwisk katalońskich w języku polskim


  • Rozalia Sasor Jagiellonian University




nazwy własne, imiona i nazwiska katalońskie, odmiana imion i nazwisk


Inflection of Catalan Given Names and Surnames in the Polish Language

The problem discussed in this article is the inflection of Catalan given names and surnames in the Polish language, which has never been fully resolved. In order to fill that gap, author proposes systematic set of rules concerning the inflection of given names and surnames. It is based on the Polish grammar rules, but in relation to the detailed rules of how the proper names are inflected in Spanish, Italian, French, and Hungarian. The proposed solution contains the inflectional Polish paradigm for the Catalan masculine and feminine given names and surnames both in singular and plural.



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Sasor, Rozalia. 2021. “Odmiana Imion I Nazwisk katalońskich W języku Polskim”. Studia Iberystyczne 20 (November):199-217. https://doi.org/10.12797/SI.20.2021.20.09.