Trajectory of Latin American Studies in Bulgaria

  • Valentin Petroussenko Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski,” Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Keywords: Latin American Studies, Bulgaria, research and culture


This article is a review of the development of Latin American Studies in Bulgaria since the very beginning of relations between this country and the remote continent in the Western Hemisphere. While research and publications in the first half of 20th century were scarce and more of a travelogue genre, a new and genuine interest appeared after the revolution in Cuba, which was facilitated by close collaboration in respect to the socialist doctrine. Naturally, all research and publications during the Cold War had to fit ideological requirements. After 1989, the situation has changed and full freedom of scholarly research has allowed for a wide range of opinions to be voiced. However, Bulgaria entered a period of economic stagnation and lost most of its economic and trade ties with Latin America. As a result, there are significant difficulties in developing any studies beyond the European cultural space. Nevertheless, various attempts at refreshing connections with the Hispanic world on academic and other levels have been developed.


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