A Transdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Introduction to the Issue of Human Rights in a “Glocal” World


  • Dominique Bouchet University of Southern Denmark




Human Rights, discourse, globalization, modernity, social change


The purpose of my contribution is to provide a general overview of the issue at stake when today over the world people debate human rights. In order to do so I will rely on and both differentiate and associate philosophical, anthropological, ethnological, historical, sociological, political, and psychological approaches. Let me stress that this is not at all to contribute to a muddled understanding of the issue of human rights that necessarily has to be perceived differently depending on the field of research. On the contrary, it is in fact to articulate that the issue of human rights can only be understood from a transdisciplinary perspective; and that cross-cultural communication is required to approach the question of ‘values’ and ‘rights’ in our globalized world.


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Author Biography

Dominique Bouchet, University of Southern Denmark

Was born in Paris in 1949, where he was educated (masters, postmasters, Ph.D.) in business economics at ESSEC, international economics at Sorbonne, sociology at Paris 7, town planning at ENPC, and Latin American Studies at IHEAL. He has held appointments in international economics, sociology, and social psychology and has taught in five languages in 24 countries. Since 1991 Dr Bouchet has been Chair Professor of International Marketing at the University of Southern Denmark, where he served for 13 years as the Director of Doctoral Programs in Social Sciences. His interests span a wide area including epistemology, economics, sociology, philosophy, history, art, anthropology, semiotics, design, creativity, and markets as they relate to social change, cultural differences, cultures of consumption, education, and international relations. For “his capacity as an original and transcending researcher and scholar” Bouchet was awarded the Danish Researchers’ Prize in 2007. He has organized eleven international doctoral courses, each lasting for four to nine days, in Cross Cultural Communication, Business Research, Advanced Qualitative Methods, Consumption Theory, and Semiotic, Textual, and Visual Analysis.


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