Verbal Aggression Between Allies: Canada in Donald Trump’s Trade War Rhetoric




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The article explores Donald Trump’s protectionist rhetoric relating to bilateral trade relations between Canada and the U.S. In particular, it presents how Trump’s isolationist economic platform evolved into trade war rhetoric and how this rhetoric affected Canada. To that end, the article analyzes President Trump’s statements and policies regarding the renegotiations of NAFTA, his administration’s tariff policies relating to imports of Canadian softwood lumber, steel and aluminum, and Trump’s opinions published in social media, mainly on Twitter. It also takes a comparative look on Donald Trump’s and Justin Trudeau’s ideological profiles to explain Trump’s lack of sympathy and hardline rhetoric against Canada.


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Author Biography

Tomasz Soroka, Jagiellonian University in Kraków

Is a political scientist and assistant professor at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora, Jagiellonian University. He earned his doctoral degree in humanities (political science) in March 2010; he also holds an M.A. degree in cultural studies / American studies. His publications cover a variety of topics related to political, legal and cultural evolution of Canada, including the evolution of Canadian-British relations and Canadian imperial and monarchical links, as well as Canadian immigration policies. Currently, in his research, he focuses on Canada’s foreign and linguistic policies.


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