Hijos de las nubes i 45 lat marzeń: uchodźcy Saharawi na terytorium Algierii


  • Joanna Mormul Jagiellonian University, Kraków




Western Sahara, de facto state, refugees, Saharians / Saharawi, Algeria, prolonged refugee situation


Hijos de las nubes and 45 Years of Dreams: Saharawi Refugees in Algeria

Over the years, the issue of the protracted exile of the Saharawi people in Algeria as a consequence of the so far unresolved conflict over the Western Sahara has become a highly politicized problem. The protracted standstill and the lack of clear prospects for a referendum that would ultimately end the conflict make it questionable that the Sahrawi refugee situation will change quickly. The article attempts to analyse the status of the Sahrawi people, taking into account the uniqueness of the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria and their importance for the still unsolved problem of Western Sahara. It is based largely on qualitative data collected from fieldwork in Algeria (including Sahrawi refugee camps), Mauritania and Morocco, and the Rabat-controlled territory of Western Sahara, as well as interviews and conversations with representatives of Spanish NGOs involved in helping Sahrawi refugees, Sahrawi living or temporarily staying in Spain and researchers working at Spanish universities.


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Author Biography

Joanna Mormul, Jagiellonian University, Kraków

Doktor nauk społecznych w zakresie nauk o polityce (UJ), absolwentka stosunków międzynarodowych i filologii hiszpańskiej na UJ, sekretarz Jagiellońskiego Centrum Badań Afrykanistycznych oraz Polskiego Towarzystwa Afrykanistycznego. Jej zainteresowania badawcze oscylują wokół zagadnień państw upadłych/dysfunkcyjnych, transformacji społeczno-politycznych w społeczeństwach pokonfliktowych, separatyzmów regionalnych oraz rozwoju społeczeństwa obywatelskiego w państwach Afryki Luzofońskiej, Maghrebu i Rogu Afryki.




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Mormul, Joanna. 2021. “Hijos De Las Nubes I 45 Lat marzeń: Uchodźcy Saharawi Na Terytorium Algierii”. Politeja 18 (6(75):159-82. https://doi.org/10.12797/Politeja.18.2021.75.08.



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