Ormiańska diaspora od starożytności do nowoczesności

  • Claude Mutafian Université Paris XIII
Keywords: Armenians, diaspora


Armenian Diaspora from Antiquity to Modernity
The article characterises the migration from Armenian territories which have been taking place since the start of our era until the 21st century. It look into the size of diasporas and the circumstances surrounding their migration-related emergence. They are grouped into: distant and close, forced and voluntary, concentrated and scattered, cultural and political-economic. The value of diasporas for development of Armenian culture and nationality is highlighted.

Author Biography

Claude Mutafian, Université Paris XIII

historyk, matematyk, profesor Université Paris XIII , członek Narodowej Akademii Nauk Armenii.

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Mutafian, C. (2019). Ormiańska diaspora od starożytności do nowoczesności. Lehahayer, 5, 7-14. https://doi.org/10.12797/LH.05.2018.05.01