EAC – an Answer for Regional Problems or Failed Solutions in East Africa?


  • Anna Cichecka University of Wroclaw




EAC, East Africa, integration, regionalism


One of the definitions states that regionalism means a common policy or project aimed at increasing informal links and economic, political and social transactions which strengthen integration processes, intensify intergovernmental cooperation and create regional identity among the community. According to the above, it was assumed that firstly, states in a group are stronger and more effective and secondly, that regionalism and regionalization may be regarded as a way to solve some regional problems and to contribute to the development of individual states. This narrative became especially attractive for underdeveloped and dysfunctional regions as it offered an opportunity for changes. As a result, a quantitative increase in regional initiatives started. The article is dedicated to the integration processes in the East Africa region. The main aim of the paper is to examine the situation in East Africa, regarding the role that the East African Community has played in this area. Moreover, an attempt has been made to analyze the integration model adopted by the organization and find out if the EAC is able to solve the main regional problems or rather to propose a failed solution and maintain dysfunctional patterns in the organization.


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Author Biography

Anna Cichecka, University of Wroclaw

PhD Student in political sciences at the University of Wroclaw. In her research she focuses on the socio-political situation in Sub-Saharan Africa with particular emphasis on the situation of women and the role of NGO sector in democratization processes in developing countries. She is a grant holder and head of research projects financed by the National Science Center and the University of Wroclaw, as well as the author of numerous publications.


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