Interesy i wartości we współczesnych konfliktach międzynarodowych: ewolucyjna zmiana paradygmatu


  • Andriej Manojło Moskiewski Uniwersytet Państwowy im. M. Łomonosowa



world politics, international relations, political conflicts, conflict management, clash of civilizations, political technologies, psychological impact


Interests and values in contemporary international conflicts: evolutionary paradigm alternations

The paper deals with contemporary modernizing proposals of international conflicts resolution theories, based on axiological approach with reference to a paradigm guided by patterns of culture and civilization. A comparative analyses of Anglo‑Saxon, French‑German, Near‑Eastern and Far Eastern models of conflict resolution reveals insufficiency of these systems. Because of that insufficiencies some problems emerge during attempts to apply the above mentioned patterns in contemporary peacemaking operations. The author stresses the necessity of modernization of existing patterns. Revealed malfunction raises new requirements for the Russian model of conflicts resolution, based on civilizational patterns.


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Author Biography

Andriej Manojło, Moskiewski Uniwersytet Państwowy im. M. Łomonosowa

Doktor habilitowany nauk politycznych, profesor, zastępca kierownika Katedry Polityki Rosyjskiej na Wydziale Politologii Moskiewskiego Uniwersytetu Państwowego im. M. Łomonosowa.


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