Post-2015 India-Nepal Relations and China Factor in South Asia


  • Saroj K. Aryal University of Warsaw



South Asia, India, China, Nepal, Neighbourhood Policy, Foreign Policy


The India-Nepal relationship has always been regarded as a distinctive one because of strong cultural, political, and civil ties. The unannounced economic blockade imposed by India in 2015, however, takes the India-Nepal relationship to a cult. The misplayed neighbourhood policy of India after 2015 moved Nepal towards its northern neighbour. Likewise, for India, Nepal is equally very strategic to China as one of the signatories and the core component of the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’. Thus, the Indian-Nepal partnership bitterness and multilevel Chinese participation in Nepal is the same scenario for India’s overall neighbourhood policy misconduct and China’s growth in South Asia. This study examines the major events that occurred in Nepal after 2015, encouraging distancing relationships with India and closeness to China.


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Author Biography

Saroj K. Aryal, University of Warsaw

Is a PhD researcher at Doctoral School of Social Science, University of Warsaw. His area of research includes great power politics, South Asian Affairs and China in South Asia. Additionally, he is Non-Permanent Faculty Member of Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at University of Warsaw. He teaches ‘Security System in Asia Pacific Region’ and ‘Developing Countries in International Relations’.


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