Dziecko-uchodźca w polskiej edukacji

Jakie wsparcie w edukacji szkolnej i pomocy psychologiczno-pedagogicznej przysługuje uczniom uchodźcom?




Polish system of education, child-refugee, Ukrainian students, educational low, war in Ukraine 2022



Stress caused by war and forced migration is an extremely traumatic experience for everyone, both adults and children, consequently causing impairment in general functioning and negative changes in mental health. Children and youth are especially vulnerable to negative effects of traumatic stress and data collected by UN indicate, that, in different parts of the world, millions of children experienced traumatic events, witnessing death of a close relative or being exposed to physical violence. Post traumatic stress disorder is the most frequently observed mental disorder in such circumstances as well as depression and anxiety disorders. Moreover some traumatized children exhibit impairment in school performance and difficulties in social functioning. This article presents a review of literature on traumatic war experiences of children and youth from different countries as well as on consequences of trauma – post traumatic stress disorder, other disorders and impairment in functioning.


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