Recursos literários e historicidade em Casa Grande & Senzala de Gilberto Freyre

Literacidade no equilíbrio de antagonismos


  • Tássia Verônica Brandão Teixeira Universidade Eötvös Loránd de Budapeste



Gilberto Freyre, literacy, history, cultural identity, nation, regionalism


Literary Resources and Historicity in Casa Grande & Senzala from Gilberto Freyre: Literacy in the Balance of Antagonisms

Published in Brazil on December 1, 1933, with 768 pages in its first edition, Casa-Grande & Senzala had a very refractory reception in Brazil: the regionalism in the socio-historical cultural field was inaugurated or a historical lyrical treaty of the relations of colonial Brazil?
Throughout these decades, from its reception to its first revisionisms, the common point in the observations of the technical construction of the work is: the plastic/ artistic character of the text. The relations of gender, geography, power, cuisine, folklore are taken not as pure descriptions of the catalog but rather the memory of memory, which has color, smell and temperature. Not only a collective memory, but also Freyre himself, who did not just want to share opinions, he wanted to share experiences.


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