O uzgodnieniu negacji w języku katalońskim

N-słowa, jednostki spolaryzowane i partykuły emfatyczne


  • Michał Koźmiński Uniwersytet Jagielloński




negative concord, n-words, Catalan, minimizers, emphatic particles, grammaticalization


In the article, we made a synopsis of the advances in the investigation upon the Negative Concord structure (concordança negativa) in Catalan hitherto made. Speaking of Romance languages, an optional negation of the predicate after an n-word is a trait characteristic only of the Pyrenean continuum. The source of the dialectal diversity in the Negative Concord paradigm is to be searched for – primarily in language contact; historical and social factors have also been considered. A special insight has been offered on the ample class of minimizers, just like n-words subject to the processes of desemanticization and grammaticalization as emphatic particles.



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Koźmiński, Michał. 2021. “O Uzgodnieniu Negacji W języku katalońskim: N-słowa, Jednostki Spolaryzowane I partykuły Emfatyczne”. Studia Iberystyczne 20 (November):105-31. https://doi.org/10.12797/SI.20.2021.20.05.