La traducción de textos dramáticos del español al polaco

Estudio de caso de la obra: "Notas que saben a olvido" / "Nuty o zapachu zapomnienia" de Araceli Mariel Arreche




Araceli Mariel Arreche, Notas que saben a olvido, literary translation, dramatic translation, Spanish-Polish translation


The Translation of Dramatic Texts from Spanish into Polish. The Case Study of the Play Notas que saben a olvido / Nuty o zapachu zapomnienia by Araceli Mariel Arreche
The article addresses an issue of the theatrical translation based on the example of the play Notas que saben a olvido (2015) by Araceli Mariel Arreche. Apart from the translation difficulties inherent in the theater, the text will also analyze the translation of the semantic and grammatical elements, as well as the cultural and historical references that are manifested in the play. Therefore, the central aim is to understand how the limits of a genre (drama) impose on the translator the necessity to adapt to the modes of expression and the demands of the theater. Due to the duplicity of any theatrical text, that of having been written for the stage, but also that of having been published for reading, the translation of the theater always looks for the transformation of this materiality, both in the process itself, as well as in the operating procedures that are periodically used by the translator.


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