Demographic Perspective of Self-reported Health of Senior Citizens in Nepal




Nepal Ageing Survey (2015), Elderly People, Self-Reported Health, Senior Citizens


The health of the elderly (senior Citizen) has become the growing concern as the ageing population increases. Self-reported health is widely used measure of health status through individual. The aim of this study is to identify the major demographic factors of self-reported health among the senior citizen in Nepal. In this study, demographic variables include; Age, sex, marital status, migration status, residence status (rural-urban), and ecological area. This study has utilized data from Nepal Ageing Survey (2015) which is the biggest survey on aging in Nepal till now. Binary Logistic Regression has been used to determine the association between demographic, and self-reported health of elderly. Odds Ratio (OR) is used as a measure of effect. The level of significance is set at 95 percent confidence interval with a p-value of 0.05. The study attempts to examine the role they play in the health status of the elderly (good or bad). The conclusion of the study found significant effect in the health status of the elderly based on age, sex, ecological regions, and settlement status. There is not found significant impact of marital status and migration status on health.


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