Relaciones significativas en el léxico disponible de un colectivo


  • Antonio María López González Uniwersytet Łódzki



mental lexicon, lexical availability, semantic network, word-association, psycholinguistics


Meaningful Relationships in Lexical Availability Within a Collectiv
This article analyzes the lexical associations within the available lexicon produced by a sample of 120 Polish students of Spanish as a Foreign Language. In the studied corpus we observe certain categorical groupings or associative sets that show that the available words are organized in the form of semantic networks (typical of a connectionist paradigm).These associations of different types (phonetic, orthographic, semantic, categorical, etc.) show that the units of semantic memory are organized into associative networks, as stated by the theory of semantic networks (Collins, Quiliam, 1969; Collins, Loftus, 1975).



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López González, Antonio María. 2018. “Relaciones Significativas En El léxico Disponible De Un Colectivo”. Studia Iberystyczne 16 (January):73-93.