Análisis contrastivo de los elementos constitutivos de las expresiones temporales de base nominal en español y en polaco (función de localización simultánea)


  • Beata Brzozowska-Zburzyńska Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej



temporary expressions, structures, vision of the word


Comparative Analysis of the Constitutive Elements Temporal Expressions with a Nominal Base in Spanish and Polish (Simultaneous Function)
The aim of the study is to analyze the structures of temporal expressions used in Spanish and Polish which assume the syntactic function of circumstantial complement of time. Following Wilk-Racięska, we believe that any linguistic element, both lexical and grammatical, reflects the vision of the world shared by speakers of the same language. We propose, therefore, a contrastive study in which more or less complex structures will be presented, which will obligatorily include a noun accompanied by optional elements such as prepositions, articles, adjectives, casual markers and others. We want to demonstrate that the appearance of these linguistic elements is not accidental and can be explained by taking into account semantic, pragmatic and cognitive aspects specific to each of the languages studied.



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Brzozowska-Zburzyńska, Beata. 2017. “Análisis Contrastivo De Los Elementos Constitutivos De Las Expresiones Temporales De Base Nominal En español Y En Polaco (función De localización simultánea)”. Studia Iberystyczne 16 (December):21-36.