Pérdida y reemplazo de arabismos en español

Los nombres de oficios





Arabisms, linguistic historiography, loss of Arabisms, replacement of Arabisms, professions


Loss and Replacement of Arabisms in Spanish. Names of Professions
Most Spanish words of Arabic origin that designate professions have disappeared. However, some are still in use, amongst which albañil or alfarero are some of the most usual. Others have been replaced by Latinisms, such as veterinario, which replaced albéitar, or by derived (barbero) or compound nouns (ropavejero) that prevail over their counterparts alfajeme and aljabibe, respectively. There are also special cases when an Arabic word is replaced by a Romance loan word (alfayate vs. sastre) or even by another Arabic word (alcaller vs. alfarero). The aim of this paper is the study of the replacement of Arabisms starting from the Late Middle Ages with focus on names of professions.

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