Los diccionarios de P. S. Pallas y Ph. A. Nemnich

Hallazgos y enigmas





Dictionary of Catherine the Great, Waaren-Lexicon, lexicography, diachrony, Spanish


The Dictionaries of P. S. Pallas and Ph. A. Nemnich. Findings and Enigmas
The main aim of the study is to present two lexicographic sources which contain Spanish lexical material and remain relatively unknown in the Spanish context which contain Spanish lexical material, namely Linguarum totius Orbis vocabularia comparativa, also called Dictionary of Catherine the Great (1787-1789), by Peter Simon Pallas, and Waaren-Lexicon in zwölf Sprachen (1797), by Philipp Andreas Nemnich. Both works were published in late 18th century, outside Spain, and their authors are two German scholars (a biologist and a lawyer). The present analysis uses the methodology corpus linguistics and it contributes new findings in the area of Spanish vocabulary: antedatings, new variants, new forms as well as the affiliation of the two dictionaries.



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Stala, Ewa. 2017. “Los Diccionarios De P. S. Pallas Y Ph. A. Nemnich: Hallazgos Y Enigmas”. Studia Iberystyczne 16 (December):169-81. https://doi.org/10.12797/SI.16.2017.16.10.