Polityka w cieniu koronawirusa

Wybory parlamentarne w Królestwie Niderlandów


  • Ryszard Żelichowski Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences




Kingdom of the Netherlands, election, House of Representatives, political parties, Mark Rutte, coronavirus


Politics in the Shadow of COVID-19: Parliamentary Election in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

On March 15-17, 2021, the first parliamentary elections in the European Union during the pandemic took place in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The political authorities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands decided to hold the elections despite severe sanitary restrictions and curfew. On January 15, 2021, the outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, chairman of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), handed over the resignation of the entire government to the King. The immediate cause was the report of the parliamentary investigative commission announced in December 2020 on the extremely restrictive operation of local tax offices in connection with government child benefits. Mark Rutte has been running the country efficiently since 2010 and was also a favorite in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The elections were conducted without any disturbances. 37 parties were admitted to elections, the largest number in the post-war history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The election winners were ruling party VVD party and progressive liberals from D’66. The discussion on the formation of the new government has already started and is accompanied by great emotions. It is going to be a long period of negotiations and their results are difficult to be predicted. The article presents the main actors of this parliamentary game.


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Author Biography

Ryszard Żelichowski, Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences

Prof. dr hab., Zakład Europeistyki w Instytucie Studiów Politycznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk. Zainteresowania naukowe: małe państwa, wyspy i terytoria specjalne Europy Zachodniej, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem obszaru niderlandzkojęzycznego. Najważniejsze publikacje: Flandria (2018), Baarle-Nassau-Hertog (2015), Stosunki polsko-holenderskie w Europie pojałtańskiej (2014), Stosunki polsko-holenderskie w Europie powersalskiej (2013), Gibraltar (2012), Poland and The Netherlands: A Case Study of European Relations, Ed. D. Hellema, R. Żelichowski, B. van der Zwan (2011).




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