Fraseología y emoción: Un esbozo de las fórmulas rutinarias con modalidad subjetiva




phraseology, modality of the statement, subjective modality, modality of the enunciation, conversational affective routines


Phraseology and Emotion. An Outline of Conversational Routines With Subjective Modality
The aim of this paper is to present a new proposal of the classification of conversational routines developed by Alvarado Ortega (2008), according to which these units can be analyzed from the point of view of modalization in its double distinction of modality of the statement and modality of the enunciation. The article focuses on conversational routines which express subjective modality, in particular on affective ones that present the attitude and emotions of the speaker (surprise, indignation) with respect to the statement, but do not evaluate it. In other words, special attention is paid to the emotive function of these phraseological units of an eminently pragmatic nature.



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Szyndler, Agnieszka. 2018. “Fraseología Y emoción: Un Esbozo De Las fórmulas Rutinarias Con Modalidad Subjetiva”. Studia Iberystyczne 16 (January):183-98.