Kryzys wartości a polityka migracyjna

Perspektywa filozoficzna

  • Marcin Rebes Jagiellonian University in Kraków
Keywords: values, solidarity, migration, sympathy, co‑responsibility


The Crisis of Values and Migration Policy. A Philosophical Perspective

The world of values and the world of politics seem distant from each other. However, as the evidence of recent decades indicates, European policy is based on an ethical experience. A special example is the experience of solidarity during the political transformation in Central Europe, which plays an important role in relation to the problem of the wave of migration on the old continent most recently. The fall of axiology announced by Nietzsche in the nineteenth century is at the same time a harbinger of a new order, because there is a new perspective on the problem of values. The principle of solidarity, which is offered in his book Formalism in Ethics and Non‑Formal Ethics of Values by Max Scheler, or the experience of solidarity described by Józef Tischner in The Spirit of Solidarity, show that the world of values is grounded within interpersonal relationships and that they constitute the foundation of society and the state. That is why migration policy cannot be limited to respect of human rights for citizens of one country. It should, rather, apply to all people. Politics, guided by social justice, thanks to the experience of solidarity is transformed into a policy of responsibility for others.


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