Situación laboral y cualificaciones profesionales de los profesores de español como lengua extranjera (ELE) en las escuelas secundarias de Polonia




skills, teacher education, job satisfaction, Spanish language teaching


Professional Status and Qualifications of Spanish Language Teachers in Secondary Schools in Poland
The goal of this paper is to present the professional status and qualifications of Spanish language teachers. We want to verify if the teachers employed in secondary schools in Poland possess adequate qualifications and competence, and whether they are professionally prepared for their task. Our preliminary assumption is that Spanish language teachers do not feel adequately prepared for school work. This may be cased by a shortage of experts in teaching Spanish in Polish secondary schools, and the current education standards for teachers, which practically ignore the specific issues of foreign language teaching. We also are interested in examining the reasons that made teachers choose this profession and their satisfaction with this choice. The methodology of the survey conducted is based on the analysis of online questionnaires conducted among secondary school teachers in Poland.



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Spychała-Wawrzyniak, Małgorzata. 2018. “Situación Laboral Y Cualificaciones Profesionales De Los Profesores De español Como Lengua Extranjera (ELE) En Las Escuelas Secundarias De Polonia”. Studia Iberystyczne 16 (January):259-81.