La explotación visual en la PDI


  • Paula Cancelas Alvárez



audiovisual aids, Interactive Whiteboard, educational resources, language pedagogy, Spanish as a foreign language


Audiovisual Use of Interactive Whiteboard

Using audiovisual aids in the classroom not only gives an opportunity for the students to learn in a more pleasant way, but also provides means for addressing numerous aspects and skills in teaching a foreign language. The use of Interactive Whiteboards is spreading rapidly in the recent years. Interactive Whiteboards offer a possibility of a more interesting and modern use of the audiovisual techniques, so they are becoming an invaluable tool for a teacher. This is why it is so important for us, teachers, to learn how to make the best use of this tool during our classes. This article presents briefly the advantages of Interactive Whiteboards and the use of audiovisual aids in teaching. Moreover, it shows some techniques and examples ready to be introduced in the classroom, all of them extracted from classes of Spanish as a foreign language.


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