Językoznawstwo ogólne – metodologiczny projekt Ferdynanda de Saussure’a


  • Magdalena Danielewiczowa Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa



Słowa kluczowe:

językoznawstwo ogólne, historia językoznawstwa, metodologia, strukturalizm, teoria Ferdynanda de Saussure’a


General linguistics – Ferdinand de Saussure’s methodological project

The article discusses several methodological problems contained in Saussure’s works. General linguistics, a new discipline postulated by the author, was to be founded on linguistic details and at the same time focus on the fundamental and universal mechanisms of speech. Saussure did not consider general linguistics a part of natural sciences or of historical studies; he indicated logic as the discipline that can provide the appropriate tools for an adequate description of language. According to him, the subject of research in linguistics is not given in advance; instead, it depends entirely on the chosen point of view. Internal divisions of the discipline, especially the distinction between the linguistics of “langue” and the linguistics of “parole”, follows, firstly, from the dual nature of language, and secondly, from Saussure’s teaching about the legitimate points of view.


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Danielewiczowa, M. . (2013) „Językoznawstwo ogólne – metodologiczny projekt Ferdynanda de Saussure’a”, LingVaria, 8(16), s. 43–44. doi: 10.12797/LV.08.2013.16.03.



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