Approaching Ethics via Literature: A Case Study from Spain

  • Shelley Godsland University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Keywords: spy novel, ethics, pedagogy, Spain


This article proposes that undergraduate study of a spy novel can function to help learners to query what constitutes ethical human conduct. It overviews current and recent scholarly literature on the usefulness of fiction in the teaching of ethical considerations; proposes a broad-based notion of ‘ethics’ relevant in the context of the literary studies classroom; and then suggests sample approaches to a novel that is proposed as a case study (María Dueñas’ El tiempo entre costuras [2009]).

Author Biography

Shelley Godsland, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature at the University of Amsterdam and Chair of the Spanish Programme. She has published extensively on fiction in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese, with a particular focus on the detective novel; narratives of violence; gender and the text; and cultural responses to the tourism phenomenon in Spain.


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