Fórmulas de saludo y de despedida como relacionemas

Apuntes desde la diacronía y la sincronía de la lengua


  • Marek Baran Uniwersytet Łódzki




forms of greeting and farewell, honorifics, interactional linguistics, politeness


Forms of Greeting and Farewell as Relationemes: Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives
The main issues deal with in the present paper are greeting and farewell formulas analysed in terms of relationemes, that is specific exponents of interpersonal relationships. Taking the point of view of interactional linguistics, we try to show that the repertoire of this kind of forms is much wider than it is normally assumed and their relational character makes them a class very close to honorifics.



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Baran, Marek. 2018. “Fórmulas De Saludo Y De Despedida Como Relacionemas: Apuntes Desde La diacronía Y La sincronía De La Lengua”. Studia Iberystyczne 16 (January):7-20. https://doi.org/10.12797/SI.16.2017.16.01.