Aspectos semántico-pragmáticos de los diminutivos en el español de la Ciudad de México


  • Magdalena Słowik Uniwersytet Jagielloński



Mexican Spanish, functions, pragmatics, sociolinguistics


Pragmatic and Sociolinguistic Aspects of Diminutives in the Variety of Spanish Spoken in Mexico City
The subject matter of the article is the analysis of suffixation of diminutives in the variety of Spanish spoken in Mexico City. The practical part is preceded by theoretical considerations. The aim of the study, based on an electronic corpus (Corpus Sociolingüístico de la Ciudad de México), is the identification of the functions of diminutives used in different situational contexts. The study focuses on statements made by Mexicans at the age of 20-34. Apart from linguistic factors, the sociolinguistic aspects such as sex and education level of the informants are analysed.



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Słowik, Magdalena. 2018. “Aspectos semántico-pragmáticos De Los Diminutivos En El español De La Ciudad De México”. Studia Iberystyczne 16 (January):131-49.