Reír o no reír: estímulos, problemas y malentendidos a partir del humor en la clase de ELE


  • Paula Pulgar Alves Vilniaus universitetas



humor, didactics, Vilnius, SFL teaching, classroom experiences


To Laugh or Not to Laugh: Stimuli, Problems and Misunderstandings Related to Humor in the SFL Classroom
The use of humor as a didactic strategy in SFL lessons has increased recently. Humor is seen as a tool for students to understand not only grammar but also cultural or pragmatic knowledge. A variety of studies on the appropriateness of this resource agree on its relevance. After the initial analysis, the main objective of this article is to introduce particular classroom activities carried out with students of Spanish as a foreign language at Vilnius University.



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Pulgar Alves, Paula. 2018. “Reír O No reír: Estímulos, Problemas Y Malentendidos a Partir Del Humor En La Clase De ELE”. Studia Iberystyczne 16 (January):249-58.