Tłumaczenie symultaniczne mowy noblowskiej w dydaktyce przekładu konferencyjnego


  • Agnieszka Biernacka Uniwersytet Warszawski




simultaneous interpreting with text, conference interpreter training, Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel lecture


Simultaneous Interpreting of a Nobel Lecture in Conference Interpreter Training

Simultaneous interpreting with text is a hybrid mode combining simultaneous with sight translation. As it constitutes an important element of the interpreter’s work, it must then be a component of conference interpreter training. Due to a scarce research in the field so far, the aim of this paper is to discuss an empirical longitudinal study of simultaneous interpreting of a Nobel lecture from Spanish into Polish. The results of the analysis show that during the preparation phase, it is not a selective analysis of such lexical items as proper names, numbers or unknown words, but rather a syntactic analysis, which enables to render compound statements in a specific register, as well as an in-depth cultural analysis, which contributes to acquiring knowledge across different fields necessary in conference interpreting.


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