Face to face

Franco Beltrametti et Judith Danciger : un couple de traducteurs


  • Martina Della Casa Université de Haute-Alsace, ILLE (UR 4363)




Franco Beltrametti, Judith Danciger, Cid Corman, self-translation, collaborative translation



In 1973 Franco Beltrametti, a Swiss author strictly connected to both the authors of the Beat Generation and to those of the Italian neo-avant-garde (Gruppo 63), published a bilingual collection of poems in Italian and English that he significantly titled Face to face (Grosseteste, England). As stated in the book itself, the English versions are translations by the author and his American wife, Judith Danciger. They were later checked and revised by Cid Corman to whom the book is dedicated. By taking into consideration the different versions of these poems which are preserved in the Swiss Literary Archives (Bern), this paper continues a previous research on this still little known and studied author and aims to examine the different phases of this work between languages by the couple. Face to face emerges as strongly representative of the multilingual and collaborative dimension of the author’s work.


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