Tłumacz między idiolektami

Kilka uwag na temat dylematów towarzyszących przekładowi mowy postaci operowych





libretto translation, character’s idiolect, author’s idiolect


Translator between idiolects. A few comments on dilemmas accompanying the translation of languages of opera’s characters

The article is a case study. It presents selected aspects of translation process of libretto written by Bulgarian contemporary writer Georgi Gospodinov for opera composed by young Polish composer, Aleksander Nowak. The main purpose of the article is to show dilemmas accompanying the translation of a specific text that in fact consists only of characters’ idiolects. The text shows withal that there can be no difference between character’s and author’s idiolect. Within a broader perspective the article unveils entanglement of libretto translator between two authors – writer of the libretto and the composer – each of them with their own vision of characters. Moreover, the visions can be significantly different, as they were communicating using a third language – English.


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